Every year, thousands of children, coming from all over Italy and the rest of the world, are hospitalized at Gaslini Hospital of Genoa,. There's over 35.000 accesses to first aid and 544.000 outpatient services: significant figures, which require attention and support. Because like in any great pedriatic hospital, at Gaslini there's necessity of constant and prompt actions for the life of the little patients, there's need of innovative projects for research, care, assistance and technological development.
You can help us too, support our projects.
Even a little gesture can make difference for the life of a child.

Gaslini Onlus Corner

At the Gaslini Onlus Corner, by the "Ospedale di Giorno" (Day Hospital, Pavilion 20, G. Gaslini Institute), you'll find lots of ideas for solidarity, which you may sustain with a donation.

Support Us

Your help is precious for Gaslini. Support us with a donation or by financing a project. Your gesture can make difference for the life of a child.


If you want to know more about our projects or find out how to contribute, you may send us an email to or call us at +39 010 56362852.

For the Children’s Hospital

In a pedriatic hospital any intervention for prenvention, assistance or care requires high technology and professionality suitable for children. Further to that, when facing a complex pathology, a rare or chronical disease, the assistance becomes customized and the hospital stay may be long and tiresome for both the child and his family.

The Association Gaslini Onlus organizes and promotes fund-raising in favour of Gaslini. Our mission is contributing to finance special projects, supporting technological improvement of the Hospital, assisting it in its prioritary and most urgent necessities.

Giannina Gaslini Institute

Born as an act of love and solidarity, opened in 1938 , Giannina Gaslini Institute is today one of the largest and most important pedriatic polyclinics in Europe, specialized in intensive care, severe pathologies and rare diseases.
Founded as a scientific institute for hospitalization and treatment, Gaslini is also a teaching hospital, where continuous research and professional training are distinctive elements and activity of crucial importance.
With 328 beds, 30.000 children from all over Italy and the rest of the world get to Genoa every year for hospitalization, and about 550.000 outpatient services are performed. These are significant figures, which are worth attention and support. Because care and health are a right of everybody's, especially of the little ones'.